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100 Days Until Rio 2016 Olympics

The countdown to the Rio 2016 Olympics has officially begun!

The Olympic torch has officially been lit and has started it’s long journey to the other side of the world.

Olympic Torch 2016
Olympic Torch 2016

The Lighting Of The Torch

Lighting the torch is a very special occasion. Performed by eleven women who represent the Vestal Virgins at the Temple of Hera, the touch is kindled by the light of the Sun. It then travels far and wide before it ends its journey in Rio, on the day of the opening ceremony, where its final bearer will run towards the cauldron and light the flame in the arena.

Where Will The Olympics Take Place?

The Rio Olympics will be held in four venues in Rio, Brazil: Deodoro, Barra, Copacabana and Maracana.

The Rio Olympics will be held in four venues in Rio, Brazil: Deodoro, Barra, Copacabana and Maracana
Rio 2016 Olympics Map

Arriving Into Rio

On Friday 5th August 2016, Rio will welcome 206 countries into the four venues built for the Olympics. The games will go on for 17 days and athletes will be competing for the 4,924 medals up for grabs across 42 sports.

Arriving into Rio will be a bit of a task, with all 10,500 athletes flooding into the city, the BBC have worked out that total of 21 jumpo jets will be needed to get everyone into the city of God.

Going To The Games

So far about 60% of the 7.5 million tickets available in total have been sold. The slow sale of tickets has caused worry, but organisers have reassured everyone, pointing out that Brazilians tend to leave ticket purchases until the last minute, so if you’ve got the same idea in mind you might be better off getting yours now to avoid being disappointed.

If you do decide to book your tickets, it’s worth keeping in mind that hotel room prices have more than doubles from the average price of £67 to £196 per night. It’s also worth keeping in mind that only 14% of official hotel rooms are left available, so if you are a last minute person do keep this in mind.

Interesting Fact

A dedicated team of 60 people will be clearing dead fish from the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas to get the lagoon ready for all of the water-based activities taking place in August.

It’s been estimated that a total of 32 tonnes of dead fish will be cleared during the games. This is the equivalent of 70,548lbs of Brazilian fish stew, which is enough to feed 47,032 local with their favourite Moqueca dish…Yum!

Rio 2016 Games
Rio 2016 Games