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3 Ways To Test Out Trainers Before You Buy

The shoe you choose to wear has a big role in protecting your pelvis and hips, according to Lori Thomsen, M.P.T., a physical therapist in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her research has proven that your muscles, ligaments, and tendons can become overstressed if they are not given the proper support.

This is why there is a three steps test you can conduct on a pair of trainers before you get them – try before you buy is a must in this scenario.

1. Push in the heel

Push in the heel
Push in the heel

Press the back of the shoe and check the shoe is sturdy and have very little give, which will help reduce motion that can tug on ligaments and tendons.

2. Bend the shoe

Bend the shoes
Bend the shoe

Check whether the shoe provides arch support by flexing it. If the middle of the shoe is very flexible in the middle, this indicates poor arch support. You need good arch support to maximise your glutes’ pushing power, and flex in the toe box mimics natural foot movement.

3. Compress the sole

Compress the shoe
Compress the shoe

Final step, check how firm the heel cushion is. The firmer the better, especially along the outer edge, and it keeps you from overworking your ankles and feet, and it minimises the risk of injury.