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5 Reasons To Watch The Brits

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1. Ant And Dec

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When you turn your TV on, you will not see James Corden this year but the lovely ‘I’m A Celebrity’ hosts, Ant and Dec who once hosted the awards way back in 2001, when Destiny’s Child performed (yes, it was that long ago). So hopefully this year the jokes and gags might be a bit more lively and might actually be funny. Also we hope that there won’t be another awkward, cover your eyes moment like when Corden cut Adele off. Good Luck Boys! We are all praying for a rendition of ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’.


2. Madonna

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The queen of pop herself will be performing some new music for us and as usual we are all looking forward to see what she will do to shock us this time. For the Grammys she was dressed as a matador and it was pretty epic so we are excited to see what she will do next, hopefully no unnecessary body parts will be on display this time.


3. The Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith Rivalry

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With both of these boys performing tonight who will come out on top? Not only will they both be performing but they are both nominated in many of the same categories so it will be interesting to see who leaves with the most amount of statues. Sam Smith won for the most at the Grammy’s but who will come out on top at the Brits?

4. Taylor Swift

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Swifty is up for the best international female award and we are thinking she has got this hands down. She is the biggest pop star in the world right now, has just won Elle’s Woman Of The Year for 2015 at their style awards and has had her newest album, 1989 sell over 4 million copies in the US alone. We feel sorry for anyone going up against her this year.

5. Will Kanye West be able to not jump on the stage?

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Kanye West is famous for his music and fashion ventures but also for having a bad habit of storming the stage when someone wins an award that he doesn’t agree with. He is a last minute addition to the line up and is a man who has no boundaries and is very unpredictable, so a definite reason to watch the show this year. He has done it previously when Taylor Swift won best female music video over Beyonce and guess what, this year the two ladies are up against each other for international female. Will Kanye do it again?

The Brits are on tonight (25th of Feb) at 8pm on ITV. To get you excited here is a video of Ed Sheeran’s most recent performance at the Grammys alongside John Mayer: