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Five Smartwatches You’ll Want To Own

Can’t possibly wait for the Apple watch? Neither can we, so we did some research as to some of the best  smartwatches on the market that you can have right now. Yes we have gone for looks when it comes to wearable tech as well as ability, and these certainly aren’t found wanting on either front.

Asus Zenwatch, around £199asus


We really like this fashionable watch that is nice and slim – especially for a smartwatch. All Android Wear smartwatches have the same softwear (don’t forget that) so it will do just what you want it to in terms of text, email and message so it’s down to the wearability that this watch really stands out. You can change the strap and fit your own 22mm one – so customising it to your own personal preference is easy. It has a fitness tracker and heart monitor and a nifty ‘unlock my phone’ action which is useful. It’s one of the cheaper smartwatches on the market but gets top marks for looks.

Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch, around £199


This is sleek in design and sits flat on your arm but it’s the kit that will impress you most. This little beauty of course tells the time but also gives you info on the traffic, weather, flight alerts and, depending on what you are doing, organises your information, predicts what you need and even when you need to see it. Incoming or missed calls, texts and emails will be alerted too. Android Wear also uses Google Now Voice search so you just need to say ‘Ok Google’ and ask it a question and you will swiftly be answered. You can also schedule meetings or send a text by simply speaking.

You can keep an eye on your health too as it comes with a built in heart rate monitor and pedometer so you can see how many steps you have taken and set yourself goals. Alongside this you can unlock lots of apps and even Google maps.

Pebble Steel, around £199


This watch works with both Android and iOS smartphones so it’s great for complementing your smartphone and makes sure you can message, text and email from your wrist. You can control and search for music so it’s brilliant while you are on the go or running and connects via Bluetooth. With this you can leave your phone in your bag or pocket (or even at home – we know a bit radical) but you will still be in touch. This version of the Pebble has a marine-grade stainless steel case so is pretty durable and the built-in battery lasts for up to seven days between charges.

The Pebble Appstore has a growing list of apps from weather and fitness tracking to satellite navigation and beyond.

Samsung Gear S, £329


This watch is all about the look which is beautifully curved so it fits the wrist perfectly – just like a good watch should! It also has independent 3G technology (unlike the Apple) and so is stand-alone without the need of a smartphone to connect – however you do need a Samsung smartphone to set it up, so it’s one for Samsung lovers. As with all the others you can text, email, message and again has tons of apps and Google Now Voice. You will go for the look of this watch over the others if you go for nothing else!

LG G Watch, £150

lg g

This watch is slim so it won’t get in your way if you wear it everyday – a bonus in our book. It is also water and dust resistant and the battery provides a whole day’s use on a single charge, perfect for your busy lifestyle. Most importantly it is compatible with all Android smartphones running Android 4.3 onwards, and the battery provides a whole days use on just the one charge – so up to 24 hours.

The display is always active so you don’t need to tap it to get your display up and running so you can check simple things like the time instantly. The watch organises all your information in order so you’ll get the most relevant first and like most smartwatches it uses OK Google technology for search and answering questions. You can change the strap to make it your own or swap straps depending on your mood.