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7 Steps Actors Take To Prep For The Oscars

With the Oscars over, many may be wondering about the way celebs were looking their best.

Ole Henriksen, the Danish skin cosmetician and skincare manufacturer, share their seven secrets to achieving Oscar-worthy skin.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars
Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars

Step 1

Ole Henriksen say preparation for the Oscars starts five days in advance, with special treatments to be done at home in the days leading up, as well as a professional spa treatment at their clinic the day before. According to the cosmetician the most important part of the steps is using an exfoliating scrub, combined with a chemical peel. These two steps in particular will help to deep cleanse the skin whilst also firming, smoothing and brightening it.

Step 2

Before bed, massage a thin layer of sesame oil into the skin to warm it up and prep the service for their recommended Walnut Complexion Scrub (£26). Enriched with vitamin E, B complex, D, calcium and phosphorus, sesame oil acts as an anti inflammatory and antibacterial. It helps to reduce spots and blemishes, and it’s also capable in aiding the healing process of wounds. Sesame oil is also a fantastic anti oxidant and it can help improve skin rejuvenation. The Walnut Scrub itself helps to exfoliate and remove any dead skin.

Step 3

Next, they would advise using the Lemon Strip Flash Peel (£35). This highly concentrated face peel contains seven typed of alpha-hydroxy acids. It works by lightly tightening the skin and brightening up the area under the eyes.

Step 4

Step four is to apply a thin layer of their Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil (£47), packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin A and the healthy omega fats 3, 6 and 9.

Step 5

Step five of the prepping stage on the days leading up to the Oscars, it’s important to use an eye cream. Ole Henriksen recommend their Ultimate Lift Eye Gel (£36).

Step 6

The day before the Oscars, Ole Henriksen recommend their clients to come into their in-house spa for a treatment. Using state-of-the-art equipment they treat the skin depending on what it needs to nourish and repair it.

Step 7

Final step as recommended by the cosmetician is to fill a bowl of cold tap water and ice, drench a terry face cloth in the water and drape over the face for a few seconds. They recommend repeating the procedure five time and voilà – you’re ready to rock up to the red carpet looking your best!