In the midst of grabbing drinks with friends at the local pub to watch one of the many football games that will be taking place in the upcoming weeks, one of the most prestigious events in the world will be happening.

This year celebrates the 130th anniversary of The Wimbledon Championship that will begin 27 June and end 10 July. With the summer months approaching and the warm weather ahead this could be the perfect opportunity to go with someone special.

The French Open is underway and Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are absent from the tournament a new champion may have the opportunity to rise up and make history. Attending any sort of history should make any sports enthusiast excited.

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The best part is the public can attend the event for an affordable price and the opportunity to see one of the well-known venues in the world, most famous for their grass court.

The admired event ranges in ticket prices depending on the court and the date of the event you would be interested in attending. Centre Court, No. 1 Court and No. 3 Court prices increase as the tournament goes on. No. 2 Court decreases in price from the beginning to the end of the tournament.

Ground Admissions to the event is always an option as tickets range between £8 and £25. These tickets will give you access to unreserved seats and standing room area in a number of different courts.

Experience the exciting environment first hand, take a step away from the crowded pub or even the loud football fans to enjoy and be a part of London’s own piece of history.


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