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The Rugby World Cup: The Facts

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England playing France in the 2007 World Cup.

Every four years the Rugby World Cup is held and teams compete to win the much prized William Webb Ellis Cup.

Next year,  2015 the cup is being held in England, so we will be in Rugby World Cup fever, so here is all you need to know so far

1. It is predicted 2.9 million spectators will watch the cup and 4.2 billion fans are expected to watch from their televisions at home. No wonder it is the third most popular sporting event in the world!

2. The World Cup doesn’t actually begin until the 18th September 2015 when England play Fiji, then they will play the others in their group, Australia, Wales and Uruguay.

3.Tickets are selling out fast so if you are planning on going you need to get a move on and book or you will miss out.  Tickets are very expensive so you might want to just prefer to watch from home.

4. You can watch all the games on ITV as they are the official provider. The games will be played across thirteen different stadiums all over the country.

5. The final will be played on the 31 October at Twickenham Stadium.

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 A full list of the groups.

Don’t worry, we will keep this list updated with more information as we hear about it so you won’t miss out on any news.