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Baking Just Got Cool

Whether you are an experienced baker or someone who likes to quietly dabble in the kitchen, you won’t fail to be really excited by the Connected Kitchen Scale, a nifty gadget from Drop that allows you to produce perfect cakes and other bakes with the help of some digital magic.

The Connected Kitchen Scale by UK based tech company, Drop, links wirelessly to an app with hundreds of popular recipes while guiding you through step by step recipes. You can search for recipes, and also when you’ve finished, upload your own creations to add to the mix.

The Connected Kitchen Scale is available now in Lakeland stores UK-wide, and the  ‘Drop Kitchen’ app is available to download for free through the Apple store too.

All you do is simply place your bowl on the scale and the app weights an ingredient as it is dropped into the bowl and progresses to the next step once you’ve added enough. If you’re worried about having floury fingers and touching your iPad then the scale also has a neat touch button to interact with the app without mess.

All the recipes have been thoroughly tried and tested by a range of experts and feature great photographs – there are even video tips if you’re not sure about a particular technique.

Drop’s Connected Kitchen Scale is availabe for £79.99 and can be purchased online directly through the website and from Apple Stores and Lakeland stores UK-wide and works with iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air and iPad Air 2.