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Best New Pizza Spots In W1

Times have changed and the novelty of Pizza Express has worn off. We’re yearning for originality and authenticity and for that small secluded place on the corner that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but as soon as you enter your eyes start to beam with excitement for what’s in store.

Franco Manca

Tottenham Court Road/ Berwick Street

dfndSourdough pizzas with a minimal amount of toppings, just the ones you need. The crust is chewy and crispy and delicious, there will be nobody leaving their crusts here. One of our faves.

Twitter @FrancoMancaPizz / Instagram @FrancoMancaPizz

Pizza Pilgrims

Soho (Dean Street and Kingly Court)

pizzaPizza Pilgrims are fun and just delicious: they use Italian plum tomatoes, flour from Naples, Buffalo Mozzarella shipped in from Caserta, basil from Berwick Street market > a good pizza shouldn’t need more than this!

Twitter @PizzaPilgrims / Instagram @PizzaPilgrims


Covent Garden, Fitzrovia and Old Street

Homeslice-2015-credit2-Ben-CarpenterWEBThis former pop-up is opening around the corner from our office, this spells pizza danger! With toppings like pulled BBQ brisket with pickles or chorizo with corn and coriander, we’re excited and worried for our winder wardrobe!

Twitter @HomesliceLDN

NY Fold


NY-Fold-2015-WEBIt may have only just opened, but this is already making us happy. The dough of award-winning US pizza maestro Bruno di Fabio, they’re light, crispy and we love them!

Twitter @NYFold_London



Sandys june 2015 (17)

SANDY’S specialises in Corsican cuisine, so expect your pizza to have a crisp base with Italian/French combos such as the four cheese, slathered with mozzorella, goats’ cheese, Roquefort and Gruyère.

Twitter @SandysPizzaUK / Instagram @SandysPizza




They’ve been around for a while, but we couldn’t leave them out. The slices of pizza here are always bang on delicious, lots of cheese and a light base, you can eat a few slices very easily!

Instagram @Princi_Milano