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Björn Borg Launches New Line Of Men’s Underwear

You may know him as the former world champion tennis player or an underwear mogul, but either way, Björn Borg, has definitely made his mark in the world.

Step over Kanye West with Yeezy Season 3, because Borg’s latest collection, which came out on Racial Discrimination Day, features a series men’s boxers designed to match peoples natural “nude” shade.

Björn Borg’s marketing director, Jonas Lindberg Nyvang said, “Nude is not a color; it’s a concept that everybody should have the right to enjoy, we call it six shades of human and the reason to our launch on the UN Racial Discrimination Day is that the political climate in Europe has been very tough as of late and it is time to show color. This is our contribution to that debate.”

Björn Borg men’s underwear nude collection

Björn Borg took the recent craze that the world has taken to, wearing nude clothing and even beauty products, and focused the concept in a much more meaningful way. But to 84% of the population this light pink-beige colour that everyone refers to does not apply to their skin-tone.

Borg’s collection takes the concept of “nude” even further, introducing the six shades of the human skin as determined by the Fitzpatrick skin scale – or in other words, using the same scale as on your emoji keyboard.

Shop the collection here.