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Bobbi Brown: Unisex Hydrating Skincare

Temperature’s rising in the city and with the sun beaming down on your skin it’s important to keep it hydrated.

Bobbi Brown’s skincare is the perfect remedy to keeping skin hydrated through the summer months.

The range offers a Hydrating Eye Cream and a Hydrating Gel Cream .

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£32.00, 15ml

The Hydrating Eye Cream is proof that good things come in small packages, this ultra-gentle, light-as-soufflé moisturiser revives the delicate skin around the eye. Hydrates as it plumps away fine dry lines for a firmer, smoother look – and creates the idea under-eye finish.

The Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil provide intense hydration, while olive extracts supplement the fatty acids naturally found in skin. It locks in moisture and Vitamin A helps minimise dry lines and wrinkles. Antioxidant Vitamin C and E help protect skin and Aloe Vera introduces soothing and calming qualities to the mix.

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£39.00, 50ml

The refreshing water-based emulsion of the morning and night Hydrating Gel Cream is perfect for oilier and combination skin or days when you only need light hydration. Delivering a burst of moisture, it leaves skin refreshed, healthy and rejuvenated—and perfectly prepared for a seamless makeup application.

Tropical Grass Extract hydrates instantly and increases the skin’s natural ability to hold on to moisture. Vitamin E provides anti-oxidant protection against environmental damage.



In the worlds of Bobbi Brown “Moisturising is the most important step in caring for your skin. All skin types – from dry to oily, and everything in between – look and feel better when skin is nourished and hydrated.”

So, if you’re looking to try out a new skincare regime or introduce a new hydrating regime to your daily routine, Bobbi Brown is definitely worth trying out for yourself.