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Simple Recipes for Health with V is for Vegan

If you are vegan or you regularly cook for someone who is you’ll be on the look out for inspiration. Vegan food has had a bad rap really – bland, time-consuming, boring, but thanks to Kerstin Rodgers (owner of London’s famous underground restaurant Supper Club and otherwise known as Miss Marmite Lover) that is all about to change with the publication of her latest cookbook, V is for Vegan.

So, whether you are vegetarian, vegan, curious to try vegan, pescatarian or a red-blooded meat eater, and you want to cut down on animal products then this will give you lots of great ideas and will certainly change any preconceived ideas you may have.

Complete with 120 recipes from around the world, there are lots of quick and easy ideas to impress your friends and family. Vegan parmesan, vegan mayonnaise and spice mixes sit comfortably with inspirational ideas for pancakes, waffles, soups, dinners and desserts, all without eggs, meat or dairy.

Hundreds of people around the UK are looking to adopt a more healthy diet and one simple way is to become vegan or to adopt a part-time vegan diet. With this book and Kerstin’s skill and knowledge you will find that getting into the habit becomes both easy and enjoyable.


V is for Vegan is available to pre-order on Amazon now and goes on sale on April 23rd, RRP £20.