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Bring A MAN To ‘Good Vibes London’ Week

It’s bring a man to Good Vibes London week for 50% off feel good fitness, yoga, pilates, spinning and powerplates.


Good Vibes is a fitness studio, with locations in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia. The studio is a place dedicated to enjoyment and positive, fun and thoughtful exercise. They aim to inspire people to exercise, become more mindful and feel happier.

Although they are a small studio, it’s a great spot for socialising and a fantastic way of generating positivity and joy together with other people.

Good Vibes is Europe’s first infra-red studio, meaning they aim to maximise benefits for your mind and body. It’s not a stereotypical ‘gym’. The atmosphere exudes joy, with wooden panelling and swooping murals.


Good Vibes offers a combination of classes:

The offer lasts all week, so guys make sure you pop down to Good Vibes and see what it’s all about!