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Bruno Mars next on Carpool Karaoke

Last week, the queen of pop, Madonna, Instagrammed a selfie with Late Late Show host, James Corden, and that’s how we all found out that she will be appearing in the next segment of Carpool Karaoke.

But it seems that James Corden isn’t wasting any time in tracking down yet another artist to help him get to work, when he captured a moment with Bruno Mars and shared with his fans on Instagram with caption: “Karaoke in cars + @brunomars! Coming soon.”

According to E!, Corden had spoken in the past about who he would like to see join him for a ride, saying: “I’d love to have Bruno [Mars]. Would love to do with Madonna. Beyonc√©, of course.”

Now we’ve seen hits that both Madonna and Bruno Mars are to appear on the segment but could this also mean that Beyonce is due for a ride with Corden? We wouldn’t rule it out, especially after Americas first lady, Michelle Obama took a drive around the block with Corden at the White House.