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Celebrate Fourth of July

In America, Independence Day calls for a day of relaxation, food and drinks. I invite you to have your own 4th July wherever you are and celebrate as if you were in the States. So – get out the red, white and blue and put on your Converse. Here’s a list of tips and tricks that will kick off your celebration…



Every Fourth of July Americans tune in to see who will be crowned a hot dog eating champion. Yes – hot dogs. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition is an annual event where food fanatics sit down and consume an abnormal amount of hot dogs. In 2015, Matt Stonie consumed 52 hotdogs in 10 minutes- now don’t try and match that as it’s near enough impossible, instead find a spot in London where you can grab some all American food.

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Now, I’m not insisting you try and eat over 50 hotdogs but if you want to watch someone else try and eat that many,Blues Kitchen will be holding their own hotdog eating competition. If a burger and chips are more your thing then there are plenty of restaurants that have that all American food. All Star Lanes is offering guests an all-American menu during the first four days of July. They have a range of options for guests to build their own burger.

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Independence Day grants basically everyone in America with a day off. People join friends and family at the beach, pool or on a boat. This is the perfect time to catch up with friends while simultaneously soaking up the sun- remember to kick back and relax even if you’re party hopping.

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It’s hard to find a pool if you live in the city but a day trip to Brixton’s very own beach could be just as good. Starting Thursday 30th June, Brixton’s Beach Boulevard will be transformed into a piece of Miami beach. The pop up will offer food, drinks and even a movie screening. If you want to feel like you’ve been transported to Boston then check out London’s Duck Tours. The tours are so popular in the Boston area- this time you’ll be seeing some touristy sights right in London. It’s a perfect thing to do right on 4th of July.

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It’s rare to make it a full day without hearing a few random fireworks going off. As soon as dusk hits people load up in cars and head to the wherever the biggest firework displays in town are. For those who aren’t up for hiding from mosquitos some of the largest firework shows are on television. I highly recommend trying to stream the Boston Pop Fireworks.

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If you can’t find a firework show near you then grab friends and head to Tesco Tesco offers a range of fireworks if you want to put on your own display and show off to your friends. If your significant other would want you at home then try to stream the Boston Pop Fireworks it will have both of you memorised.

By Jacqueline Decker