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Channing Tatum To Launch His Vodka Brand

Channing Tatum launches his vodka brand, Born and Bred.

Born and Bred
Born and Bred

We all know him as Magic Mike – the handsome male stripper with a secret talent of building his own customized furniture, but the actor has now stepped out of his comfort zone and is launching his own brand of vodka called Born and Bred.

Despite the stereotypes for celebrity alcohol launches, Tatum is determined to make his mark with the brand and introduce something different. Born and Bred is his baby and he’s putting his creative spin on the brand by directing its debut advert.

“I do think that real interest in keeping the brand going – I’m not looking at this as investment – I really enjoy creating a world in which is loveable for me to be inside of and that being the world of the brand and the story. That is going out and hanging with my friends and filming stuff and being creative inside of an environment that you can really try to create these other story lines that just feel alive. I’m looking forward to creating stuff, and I don’t know that there are any other celebrities that are going to be so creatively involved in it, maybe that’s the difference.

“I know when you hear that some dumb actor is launching a vodka brand everyone does the collective eye-roll, but the only thing I’ll say is we’re going to do things differently and create a community of real friends.”

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum

Tatum has been quite open about the fact that he will not be tying his vodka brand to his films, especially Magic Mike as he wants it to stand on its own.

“I’m not going to try to meld the two, they can stand on their own. Other than just having it at the venue and at the Hard Rock and the casinos, there won’t be much of a tie. Maybe we might do some promotional things but I haven’t really felt the need to marry them.”

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