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Chef’s Table Season 3 Release Date Announced

Netflix Original, Chef’s Table, returns this September with Chef’s Table: France.

Season 2
Chef’s Table Season 3

We are such big fans of the Netflix original, Chef’s Table, and could not wait until the return of the documentary with Season 3.

We’ve been in for such a treat in 2016, with the online streaming service releasing Chef’s Table Season 2 in May and now the documentary series is returning with Season 3 in September.

Chef's Table
Chef’s Table

Audiences are invited back to take another globe trot in Chef’s Table: France where the series will showcase the crème de la crème of French chefs; talking about what inspires them and how it translates into their individual styles. The filmmakers embark on a personal look into the daily lives of these carefully curated chefs, from their diverse backgrounds to the evolution and craft of their chosen cuisine as well as their quests for sensory perfection.

Chef's Table Season 2
Chef’s Table Season 3

“The opportunity to shoot a full season in France was a dream come true.” said creator David Gelb, “The significance of French cuisine in the history of fine dining is unparalleled.  There was no way we could do justice to the French culinary tradition with just a single film.  Instead, we chose 4 different chefs, each representing a different approach and moment within the French cooking landscape.  These are the stories of passionate chefs who risked it all, trying to push forward and innovate with the history of French cooking weighing heavily on their shoulders.  We hope that you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them.”

Chef's Table Season 3
Chef’s Table Season 3

Chef’s Table Season 3 will premire on Netflix on 2nd September 2016.