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Cottons Rhum Shack, Camden

As the days are starting to get noticeably shorter and the sky is getting grey, there are no doubts about it, summer is officially over. So to beat the first signs of cold and gloomy weather, we decided to pay a visit to Cottons Rhum Shack in Camden, where we were instantly transported to the Caribbean.

Cottons Rhum Shack, Camden

Located a brisk couple of minutes walk from Chalk Farm station, Cottons Rhum Shack invites you to forget that September’s here with its tantalizing unique charm. As you enter the ‘shack’, you’re invited directly into the bar area where you can observe cocktail shakers, bringing your chosen tipple to life. Turn your attention to the left and you will find a live band performing a rendition of Bob Marley, among other reggae jams to set the mood.

Cottons Rhum Shack Bar
Cottons Rhum Shack Live Band

As we were invited further into the building to the restaurant area, we were seated in a cosy little corner and presented with the drinks and food menu. Naturally as it was happy hour, we decided to have a go at the drinks menu. I opted for a Sorrel Sling – a large measure of gin laced with sorrel squash, lemon juice, cherry brandy, topped with soda, while my dining partner opted for a Strawberry Daiquiri.

Cottons Rhum Shack Cockatails

We decided to skip starters and went straight in for the mains. After much deliberation on my part, and I mean it did take a while due to the tremendous choice of dishes to choose from, I finally decided on the Trio of Jerked Seabass, Parrot fish and Tilapia, smothered in a light coconut curry sauce, served with basmati rice and grilled aubergines. The fish was extremely fresh and so tender that it melts in your mouth, while the light curry sauce complemented it perfectly by adding some extra flavour and spices to the mix. My dining partner opted for a vegetarian dish – The Island Platter, made up of chick pea fritter, black eyed bean fritter, sweet potato & pumpkin fritters with Caribbean vegetable dauphinoise, jerk sauce, rice n’ peas and fried plantain.

Cottons Rhum Shack – Trio of Jerked Seabass, Parrot fish and Tilapia
Cottons Rhum Shack – The Island Platter

The portions at Cottons are extremely generous, so unfortunately we had to turn down the dessert menu to avoid a food coma! The live band made for a jolly atmosphere, and I’d definitely recommend visiting between 5pm-7pm, taking full advantage of happy hour, to enjoy an exotic tipple before tucking into one of the delicious dishes on the menu… Just good luck trying to decide!


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