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Crombie and Remembrance Day

To commemorate the 11th of November (Remembrance Day) we all took part in our two minutes silence to remember all of those in the armed forces who have fallen in the line of duty and their families. Remembrance day marks the end of the First World War here’s some little known facts about Crombie being connected to WW1. Many of you may not know Crombie provided one tenth on the greatcoats worn by the military and officers in the British army in WW1. So here is a short history of the brand along with some of our favourite men wearing them.

Crombie was around as far back as 1805 and was originally known for only using the finest natural fibres in their products and today is still the legendary label that has dressed some of the most powerful and successful men in not only Britain but the rest of the world. Crombie is still known for the quality of their products and also for being stylish and timeless.

The Crombie story began when John Crombie wanted to bring luxury and high quality materials from his hometown in Scotland into not only the London market but the rest of England. Crombie’s wools, tweeds and cashmeres soon became a favourite to the best-known tailors on Saville Row. Crombie was not only famous in Britain but also Tsars and government officials in Russia were famously know for wearing Crombie coats to keep them warm in the harsh winters. During the First World War many manufacturers had to be persuaded into providing uniforms for the military, however Crombie openly volunteered despite a very low profit! One of the most powerful men to have worn a Crombie design was actually in 1932, the Duke of York, who later became King George VI wore a coat that was specifically designed for him, see him below. The coat was relaunched again in 2009 and was named the ‘King Coat’.


King George VI in Crombie.

During the Second World War Crombie joined the war effort again and in 1943 alone they produced overcoats for 90,000 Allied soldiers, 23,000 British Navy and Royal Air Force and 12,000 for US Army officers based in Britain. Below is a picture, one of style icon Cary Grant in one of our favourite Crombie Coats.


 Cary Grant in Crombie in 1945.

Other celebrity Crombie wearers during this period include The Beatles, President J. F Kennedy and Winston Churchill.

Today Crombie continues to be prominent in producing Luxury garments for all over the world and is popular among many celebrities and figures as seen below, we like to think of our British actors flying the flag and looking very dapper in this iconic British brand.


Jude Law in Crombie.


David Beckham in Crombie.

King Coat worn by Colin Firth

Colin Firth wearing Crombie in 2010 film ‘The King’s Speech’.


‘The Daddy’ Ray Winstone in Crombie.


Daniel Craig in Crombie.

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