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DOCUMENTARY: A Sicilian Dream

A Sicilian Dream is a theatrical documentary about The Targa Florio, a Sicilian mountain road race which marked the beginning of Motorsport back in the 1906. Founded by Vincenzo Florio, The Targa Florio was considered totally insane and an absolute must by drivers and car manufacturers.

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A Sicilian Dream

The film tells the story and journey of Francesco da Mosto, a Venetian architect, historian and an incredible romantic. He invited Alain de Cadenent, an independent racing car constructor and driver, to join him in discovering what it is that compels people to seek the glory of winning this death-defying race.

Forty years after nearly parting with his life in the extremely dangerous, Targa Florio, mountain race, Alain de Cadenet retraces his route of the legendary Sicilian mountain race. To defeat his nightmare from forty years ago, Alain faces his fear head on and with this the story unfolds.

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A Sicilian Dream is now out in cinemas.