Have perfectly clean nails easily with the Bruzz nail brush | The Perfect Man

Don’t Let Your Nails Let You Down

We love a new gadget here and we hate dirty fingernails (doesn’t everyone). Sometimes they’re hard to clean with a normal brush, and bristles can be uncomfortable to get underneath the nail in a way that is effective, so we were pleased be sent the Bruzz nail brush to put through it’s paces. Designed by a beauty technician who has had years of experience in her salon, the Bruzz has elements that not everyone would have thought of – soft bristles for cleaning all over the nail plus antibacterial bristles. Such a simple idea why hasn’t no-one thought of that before?

All you need to add is a squeeze of your favourite liquid soap and it all works up into a lather on your nails while keeping the liquid inside the brush so you don’t spray everywhere while you are brushing. We also found it easy to clean and the insides with bristles are fully removable plus, for a truly deep clean, you can put it in the dishwasher.

Anyone can use it (even kids) as it’s so soft and kind. There are no excuses any more for nails that let you down.

We put a Bruzz brush through it’s paces and will be buying more as gifts for people, we were that impressed. The Bruzz is available from Boots, £9.99.