Don't miss Kieran Hodgson in Lance | The Perfect Man

Don’t Miss Funny Man Kieran Hodgson


Kieran Hodgson is a funny man who tells funny stories and he is just finishing a run at the Soho Theatre in London’s West End. If you missed it don’t despair as he’s back in November for some extra nights.

If you like ironic, multi-character based comedy that’s a brilliant to watch, then this is one for you.

His latest show is titled ‘Lance’ and it tells the tale of a teenage boy who hero-worships Lance Armstrong until his fall from grace.  He plays all the characters himself – from the sad Scout Master who has been forbidden from seeing his own children due to an acrimonious divorce, to his mates, the cool one and the nerdy one. The story takes us from his first cycle up Holme Moss, Yorkshire with the scout troupe through to moving south for university and beyond. It’s a story many will recognise – growing up in a small town, aspiring for bigger things and finding that the course of life just doesn’t always work out smoothly or fairly.

Kieran Hodgson holds the stage for a full hour of story-telling with brilliantly believable characters. We feel his pain.

Tickets available from £10 at Soho Theatre.