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Fourth Of July in Texas

By Alex Edwards

It’s not Fourth of July in the states without beer, food and fireworks. Seriously, no Independence Day is absent of those three staples, no matter where the celebration. Everyone dons their best red, white and blue as the party rages on from morning till night while the stars and stripes fly high.

I’m accustomed to large festivities from growing up in the Lone Star State—because, ya know, everything is bigger in Texas.To learn how to celebrate Southern-style, step into my cowboy boots for a day and say yeehaw for this year’s July holiday.

The Location

My family visits the beach in Corpus Christi
The beach in Corpus Christi is a popular spot for Independence Day

In the U.S, people tend to migrate towards their nearest body of water when 4th July rolls around. Whether it’s the sunshine, the calming waves or the plethora of activities, you and all your relatives that might come together for the special day are sure to be entertained all day long. My family drives down to the beach in Corpus Christi, a few hours away from home in Houston. I always don my Daisy Dukes, white Converse and red bandanna for a look that is chic yet casual, and sticks with the theme of the day. We nestle into a spot on the ocean with plenty of room to play water sports and run free.

The Cuisine

A typical Independence Day celebration includes lots of hot dogs
A typical Independence Day celebration includes lots of hot dogs

While it is common to feast at one of the many traditional American restaurants, I’d rather cook my own food on the Fourth of July. There’s something about the smoky smell of the BBQ pit that just makes you feel American. After buying pounds upon pounds of hot dogs and burgers, my dad grills everything fresh the day of. Cole slaw, potato salad, corn-on-the-cob, baked beans or mac & cheese are all common side dishes. And of course, you have to wash everything down with an ice cold Budweiser or a traditional Texas brew, like Shiner Bock.

The Fireworks

The Fourth of July in America always ends in fireworks
The Fourth of July in America always ends in fireworks

Most American’s favorite part about Independence Day fun is that darkness means the real fun is about to begin. People stock up across the U.S. in the days leading up the 4th July from one of the many stands that pop up. Along with the rest of the country, my dad and brothers always buy bundles of firecrackers, sparklers and Roman candles to light up the starry sky. Lying down on the beach and watching the colours illuminate the sky allows you to appreciate America just a little bit more on this day in July.