Art installation HALFLIFE comes to King's Cross March 2015 | The Perfect Man

HALFLIFE comes to King’s Cross

If you’re passing through the King’s Cross foot tunnel from March 6th 2015 you will be greeted by HALFLIFE, an ‘immersive, durational light installation created by award winning design practice Speirs + Major’.

A treat for commuters and pedestrians alike this bold and dramatic piece builds from light to dark with bold and dramatic steps until it becomes calm and dissolves leaving just a trace of light, before starting another sequence.  It is all a bit clever with some 180 concealed light sources creating the effect and incorporating red, green and blue light that blend together.

It’s one of those things you will need to experience yourself – so it you are passing through take a look into the light. The designers say ‘We have designed HALFLIFE so that no two moments in the tunnel will be experienced the same. Each visitor will have their own perception of time and distance, immersed in light, dark and colour’.