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Try Hair Wax for Great Hair Everyday

Whether you have long curling locks or a sharper, more statement look for your hair, it’s important that it holds it’s style and shines. It’s easy in the summer especially, for hair to lose it’s good looks. Over-heating, the effects of the sun, pool chlorine, sea-salt – it all makes hair brittle and dry if you don’t go that extra mile to look after it. For styles that need a little help plus some extra nourishment we want to suggest you get your hands on some Rahua Hair Wax.


Obviously it won’t work miracles so making sure you use shampoos and conditioners that are suited to your hair type really helps keep things in tip-top condition but we think this really adds the finishing touches. Not just another hair wax, Rahua contains Rahua oil (ra-wa nut oil) which has been used for centuries by the women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe (who have fab hair). Twenty years ago they passed their secret on and the oil was found to have amazing effects on damaged hair giving it bounce, strength and added shine while helping irritated scalps. The wax also contains ‘holy wood’ or Palo Santo which makes it lightly scented and isn’t too overpowering.


How to use it?

Long hair – rub in palms and apply at roots for lift and to create volume.

Curly hair – apply to hair when damp and comb through to the ends. It will help keep your curly hair nice and curly rather than frizzy.

Short hair – helps you shape and style.

The range also has shampoos and conditioners. Rahua Hair Wax, RRP £27.