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How To Get The Perfect Jeans

Lads, time to find the perfect fit to your jeans!

Long gone are the Real Slim Shady baggy jean days, or  the ultra skinnies, which you’re probably best off leaving with Joey Essex. What you need is a pair of jeans which fit well but don’t drop to the floor or cut off your circulation, some of you might still want to reproduce right?

So, to solve all your problems, we give you the ultimate guide to getting the perfect fit to your jeans.

Guide to getting the perfect jean fit
Guide to getting the perfect jean fit

A) The Denim

Your best bet when choosing what sort of denim to go for is to stick to mid-weight denim with no stretch. It’s masculine and it will keep its shape; this way you can invest in a more expensive pair of jeans and get your money’s worth in wear out of it.

B) The Rise

Like we said long gone are the days when it was acceptable to have your bum hanging out of your jeans (thinking about it, not that it ever was). So to ensure there are no slips, ask for a medium rise pair of jeans – these will sit around your waist with plenty of depth to tuck in a shirt and will also give you a bit of extra room int he crotch.

C) The Length

Length is optional and rolling or cuffing is permitted, but we would recommend going for a fit which grazes the top of your shoe, yet still gives you the option of rolling depending on the type of shoes you go for.

D) The Leg

We’re not talking flares, but a slightly wider, straight leg is what you should be aiming for – tailored, but not tight.

How would you know if you’ve got the right fit? You’ll know when you can gram and inch or two of extra fabric around the thigh when you stand up.

E) The Wash

The final step of being onto a winner? Opt for dark, unwashed denim. This will always look cool if you’re insure of what to go for and it will give you the optimal wear.