How To Look Fresh With A Hangover

There’s nothing more formidable than waking up after a great night out and looking your worst. has put together a quick and handy guide on how to look fresh with the world’s most demanding hangover. Our guide will help you feel alive from the inside and outside so nobody can take a guess on your recent antics.

De-puff Those Eyes

You don’t want to wake-up looking like you’ve been punched in both eye sockets. So, in aid of your perky demeanour we’re letting you in on a few random de-puffing secrets. Use an extra pillow for your head when you go to sleep. Sleeping slightly elevated helps to drain excess fluid out of the face. In the morning (after your wake-up tea), place cooled teabags over your eyes to reduce any visible eye bags – the caffeine from tea-bags will play a vital role in the reduction of puffiness. In case of emergency, always keep a pair of blacked-out sunglasses near you.

Liven Up Your Skin

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Sometimes the best way to get your skin looking fresh is to simply wash it. Nothing says ‘good morning’ better than a shower, and this will recharge your suffering skin. Exfoliating should be at the forefront of your morning-after regime. Exfoliate to get rid of the dull, lifeless and death look by using a minty or zinging scrub. Sandalwood or aloe vera face packs also work wonders for the skin and will hopefully bring back your colour.


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Manically Moisturise

One of the age-old tricks of the trade for good skin is the ritual of moisturising. This is without a doubt one of the best ways to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Alcohol doesn’t only make you thirsty but it also takes away moisture from your body. Use a serum containing hyaluronic acid under your moisturiser as it helps the skin retain the water. Do this before and after your night out to achieve the best results.

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Watch What You Eat

There’s nothing more appetising than a delicious greasy burger with cheesy chips and a fantastic layering of mayo and ketchup to cure your hangover. Either that or a hearty traditional English breakfast to start the day off. Sorry to ruin your fun but our advice is to avoid both of these at all costs. Greasy foods will prevent the alcohol from being absorbed into the bloodstream, unnecessarily prolonging your hangover rather than curing it. Instead, treat yourself to a fresh bowl of fruit or vegetables to bring in potassium and other nutrients- smoothies are great wake-up calls!


Moody, Moaning Man

The last thing you want to do is wake up in the blackest. That’s why it’s best for you to exercise in the morning to bring in those lovely endorphins that will help sweat out the alcohol. Saying that, it’s probably best to veer away from hard-fitness, saunas and steam rooms if you’ve got a headache sent directly from hell- you’re already in a dehydrated state so no need to worsen it.

Precautionary Measures

This isn’t about the amount of alcohol you plan to consume on your night out! We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that will help you when you get home (if you make it home at all). Remember to leave a two litre bottle of water by your bedside- you’ll be more likely to drink it before going to sleep. Water has been known to help calm the effects of your hangover if drunk before you head to la la land.

Before You Forget

A few necessities for the morning: mouthwash, dental floss, toothbrush, a trusted tongue cleaner and your clothes (lest you forget). Now, you’re ready to party!

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