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Idril Elba Makes His Directorial Debut In ‘Yardie’

Normally you can find Idris Elba in front of the camera in TV shows like The Wire, Luther and films such as American Gangster and the Thor series. But now, the British actor born in Hackney, London will make his directorial debut in ‘YARDIE’, an adaptation of Victor Headley’s cult novel. Production for his behind the camera debut has already started. This is a particularly exciting for Elba because he gets to film in his hometown and as a guest in Jamaica for a total of seven weeks.

Idris Elba
Idris Elba on set directing ‘YARDIE’

The film follows the story of a young Jamaican ‘D’ who arrives in London during the 80s and coincidentally finds the man who assassinated his brother in Jamica 10 years earlier. His quest for justice quickly turns violent and ends up putting himself as well as those around him in danger.

For this feature film, you can expect Elba to work hard so he can produce a real human story that will reach people. Don’t worry, we still get to see him on screen as he will also be starring in the film as the character Piper. The rest of the cast includes Aml Ameen from The Maze Runner as the lead role, ‘D’, Stephen Graham from Taboo as Rico and some new Jamaican talent.

By Carly Bayroff