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Introducing Brazilian brand Independent Leaders

It’s all systems go as we gear up for Christmas and it really does seem like the celebrations are starting even earlier each year, with 2016 being no exception. But, we’d like to take your mind elsewhere for a moment – we’re talking about the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Why you ask? We just could not help our selves but to tell you all about Brazilian brand, Independent Leaders, who want to bring a bit of Rio sunshine to London.

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Independent Leaders was set up back in ’86 when a couple of friends we’re looking to escape London and decided to jet off to Rio to seek adventure. It seems they quickly got caught up in the culture and fun that Rio has to offer and things got a bit messy: drinking Caipirinhas by the gallon, they danced on tables and chained shots of Cachaça with the locals until the bar ran dry – but can you really blame them? It is Brazil after all so we’ll let them off.

Soon, the pair realised that they must bring some of the free spirited vibes they’d found in Rio back to London so this is when Independent Leaders was born.

Independent Leaders
Independent Leaders


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