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Is Snapchat Dominating Social Media?

How many of you were as amused as we were when you discovered that you could use Snapchat to faceswap with your friends?

Well by the sounds of it, it was the talk of the town back in 2015, when the company launched their filters, allowing you to do all sorts of things like turning yourself into a dog or swapping your face with someone else. Following the success of the apps new features, the latest news has hit the internet that Snapchat have raised around £1.3 billion through investor funds. It looks like the LA based company are doing pretty well, with nearly a 50% annual increase in funds from last year when they raised £41 million revenue.

It seems that Snapchat are doing everything right at the moment – their innovative approach has placed them at the top of the game, with 110 million daily active users in December 2015, compared to the 50 million users recorder for December 2014, the company is undoubtedly on track to complete domination!

Snapchat Users
Snapchat Users

Introducing ‘Discover’ and ‘Stories’ was another big attribute to the company’s current success. Daily updates of what is going on in London as well snippets of life in cities all over the world, has made Snapchat stories an enticing factor. Snapchat have indeed discovered the key to success which is content creation, and through introducing their new platforms, they’ve been able to access limitless opportunities through what seems to be a self sufficient system, whereby users create and post the content.

Celebrities and organisations have also jumped on to the trend, realising the limitless opportunities and possibilities of connecting with fans through Snapchat – just look at DJ Khaled spreading his motivational mantras on the daily!

The point is, Snapchat are great at recognising what consumers want before they even know it, and with this in mind, they have been a very successful startup – personally, we cannot wait to see what kind of filter they will bring out next? ;)