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Jon Hamm’s Last Days As Don Draper

Mad Men is sadly coming to an end with the last season on our screens this April and one person who might miss it a bit more than us is Jon Hamm who plays the lead character Don Draper.

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They stopped filming the show way back in July and Hamm has spoken about his last days on set including the fact that he cried when they yelled cut on the final scene, along with the rest of the cast. The creator of the popular series, Matthew Weiner said the last take ‘was emotional and completely surreal because it was something we’d been anticipating – the mood of finishing the show had been hanging over all of us for months as the final scripts were coming in – and then, here we were at the moment.”

The cast enjoyed champagne together for the last time and they even had yearbooks created for each of them to sign and keep as a reminder of their time on the show.

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Hamm’s co-star Elizabeth Moss who plays, Peggy Olson wanted more from the set and stole a ring she had worn in every episode as well as the red thermos her characters owns. She said “The last three days were kind of like a funeral..It was just everybody crying all day long — these big, giant men bursting into tears.”

See the final season of Mad Men on Sky Atlantic from Wednesday, April 16 at 10pm