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Treat Your Skin- Lab Series Age Rescue+ Gel Cream


Nothing makes you look older than you should than dry, flaky skin and with a combination of late nights, alcohol, dirt and general neglect, your skin can quickly become very old looking indeed. Help is at hand with the launch of the latest addition to the Lab Series Skincare for Men range, Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream plus Ginseng (£45).

This is a refreshing blue gel which means that it’s instantly absorbed into the skin and makes your skin feel fully hydrated (and therefore softer) for up to 24 hours. They’ve added Ginseng which makes your skins natural repair mechanisms work just that little bit harder, and after the initial burst of the Gel Cream on your skin you actually get a second burst which is an explosion of cooling and entergizing water. So it’s just like cool water on a hot summer day.

How to use it: Clean your skin, and shave it closely as usual. Massage in the Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream plus Ginseng all over your face for a brilliant burst of freshness.

This is the perfect Summer treat for your skin, it also needs to be slipped into your gym bag for a refresh after a workout and coming in 50ml is just perfect for travelling.