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LEON launches new ‘Fast & Free’ January menu

As the year comes to an end, we’re all going to be making our New Years resolutions in Jan, some might find it harder than other to stick to them, but we’ll all give it a go. To help us out in January, LEON will be launching their new menu which will include yummy “free-from” dishes inspired by their new cookbook Fast & Free. 

You might be thinking what are free-from dishes? Well the natural fast food chain say this involves steering clear from those not so healthy ingredients when cooking, but not completely denying yourself, which if you are like us, you might not find so easy to do.

LEON dairy free porridge
LEON dairy free porridge

You can expect their new dishes to be gluten-free, dairy-free and free from refined sugars, which can be tricky to do well so we’re excited to see what they’re all about. It’ll also give you a chance to preview and sample some of the dishes taken directly from their new cook book before its release. Dairy-free cashew milk Ruby Berry Porridge and their gluten free Chicken Noodle Soup will both be on the menu, and LEON have even vouched that the flavour will not be compromised… yum!

LEON gluten free chicken noodle soup
LEON gluten free chicken noodle soup


Also some good news for LEON fans, they will also be bringing back one of my faves – the Thai Green Chicken Curry Hot Box, which I would definitely recommend for anyone that has never had it before.


The 2017 January menu will include:


  • The Ruby Berry Porridge (VE, DF, WF) – Dairy-free porridge made with cashew milk & organic oats. Topped with strawberry, blackcurrant & raspberry compote and almond butter. Its almond butter jelly time.  £2.75
  • Sweet Potato & Okra Stew (VE, GF, WF, DF) – A twist on the traditional West African groundnut stew. Sweet potato, kale & okra in a spiced up peanut butter sauce, topped with fresh coriander. A recipe from our cookbook Fast & Free. £4.95
  • LEON x Gizzi Chicken Satay Hot Box (GF, WF, DF) – Chargrilled chicken thigh on Italian brown rice, served with a pot of punchy satay sauce. Topped with fresh coriander & toasted seeds. £7.15
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (GF, WF, DF) – The ultimate comfort food, made with shredded chicken and rice noodles. Naturally gluten-free. £3.50
  • Chicken, Avocado & Chorizo Salad (GF, WF, DF) – Chargrilled chicken thigh, avocado and nitrate-free Spanish chorizo on a bed of broccoli, peas, cucumber & quinoa. Topped with a sprinkling of fresh herbs and toasted seeds. £6.45 (out) and £7.75 (in)


  • The LEON Gobi (VE, GF, WF, DF) – It’s back. A classic gentle Indian curry with sweet potato, cauliflower, chilli, ginger and spices, finished with coconut milk. £4.25
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry Hot Box (GF, WF, DF) – Slow cooked shredded chicken thigh, roasted aubergine and bamboo shoots, with lemon grass, lime leaves & green chilli. £6.95
  • Kale & Peanut Salad (V, GF, WF, DF) – Shredded curly kale, spring greens and crushed peanuts with a tangy tamari and sesame dressing. All the kale kids are doing it. £2.95 (out) and £3.55 (in)
  • Kale, Peanut & Mackerel Salad (GF, WF, DF) – Shredded curly kale, spring greens, crushed peanuts and smoked mackerel. Packed full of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and good fats the body needs to keep healthy. £4.65 (out) and £5.60 (in)
  • Power Smoothie (V, WF) – Organic oats, milk, yoghurt and our new Ruby Berry compote blended for breakfast. Feel power-full. £2.95 (out) and £3.55 (in)


  • Clean Green Shake (VE, DF, GF, WF) – Our new Clean Green recipe. Avocado, Spinach & Apples. Boosted with Ginger, Lemon and Pear Juice. Blended to mend you.£2.95
  • Toast of the Town (VE, DF) – Wholemeal toast with cinnamon and date butter. It’s toastally amazing, and vegan. £1.50
  • Vegan SuperClean Quinoa Salad (VE, GF, WF, DF) (£3.95 out and £4.75 in)
  • Chicken SuperClean Quinoa Salad (GF, WF, DF) (£4.65 out and £5.60 in)