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Look Good with a Daily Quick Fix

It’s not just the girls that should have a serum or two for making skin look younger and more healthy. We were asked to put Sahara Quickfix from Xanthe MEN to the test over a couple of weeks to see if it lives up to the claims that it helps with line erasing, tanning and general complexion improvement.


First off we thought the packaging was brilliant – something we’d be happy to have on the bathroom shelf or in a washbag. The dispenser gives out just the right amount which is really useful as you don’t want to over dose as it does contain a tan enhancer and bright orange is not what we were looking for.

The serum is very light and easily absorbed – no shine after using and really quick to apply on a busy morning. You simply exfoliate or wash your face then apply evenly to dry skin. Hands do have to be washed thoroughly to avoid tanned palms however! The smell is not too chemical either – there is a light tea smell but it certainly is organic rather than chemical so is rather nice.

But did it work? Yes over all skin was left feeling much softer though we’re not sure how much it did to the lines. The tan enhancer was subtle – a healthy glow rather than a deep tan which was a relief and evident within an hour of applying. Overall an easy to use product that helps improve the look of skin while providing a bit of extra sun protection (it has a UV sunscreen).

Sahara Quickfix contains trepeptide-1, hexapeptide 8, hyaluronic acid, plant collagen, sunscreen, ginseng, green tea and mandarin and is available for £38 for 30ml – but a little goes a long way!