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Making The Most Of What You’ve Got: Fixing A Patchy Beard

If you’re in fear of your patchy facial fuzz then you’ll be relieved to know that the team at have got a score of tips and tricks to help you. Patchy beards are usually from your genetic makeup rather than lack of care so don’t go blaming yourself. Don’t let the fact that you will never grow new beard follicles deter you from making the most of what you’ve already got.

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Shave Your Sides
Trimming certain areas makes other areas seem fuller, so if you go short on the sides you’ll be accentuating the length elsewhere. Also, creating sharp edges gives an impression of a fully formed beard.

Size Matters
The shorter you want your beard hair the harder it will be to patch up those nifty balder spots. Stray away from mid-length hair as it twists together and sticks out. When the hair is long the patches will hopefully get lost in your beard bush. The best way to stop your beard from becoming a wiry and uncontrollable mess is to use a leave-in conditioner. Also, to help condition dry hair a well-recommended beard oil – whilst rubbing the oil in will help promote a healthier growth.

Don’t say bye-bye to your barber…
It’s always great to have an outline to work with and this can be applied to your beard. Head to your trusted barber’s once in a while to make sure everything is in line. Having an already shaped outline is great for when you’re at home trying to follow it through. Of course, if you’re a follicle professional then there’s no need to take the trip.

Friendly Follicles
As mentioned above, you won’t be growing any new beard follicles but you may still have stubborn follicles that are refusing to grow. To push them out of their wretched mood consume a protein rich diet. Hair is composed of proteins, so incorporating this into your diet is essential. Foods rich in protein are beans, eggs and fish, and by forcing them into your diet you’ll be taking a positive step towards fixing your patchy beard.

Avoid The Beard Killers
Here’s your mini guide to beard killers. Don’t stress. We realise that’s easier said than done but it’s great if you invest in a stress ball or some sort of sport to dispel of your stress. Secondly, avoid unnatural cures to patchy beards. For example, Minoxidil has been mentioned as something that has the side effect of stimulating beard growth, yet it can also cause a dangerous drop in your blood pressure- it’s probably best to steer away from things that have such life-threatening effects.

Take Advantage
Make the most of what you’ve got and take advantage of what works best for you. This means if a moustache is all you can grow, then make sure it’s the bloody best moustache in the vicinity. If your goatee is as far as your genetics will allow you, then invest in some amazing products and start curating it to become the most envied goatee around.

It’s all about using the resources that are available to you. Make sure you shampoo and condition your beard as often as possible to keep it at its best.

P.S. Stress and an unhealthy diet can also hinder strong beard growth. So, if you’re already patchy it’s best to stick to the healthy path in order get the best effect for your beard!


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