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MEN’S FASHION: MEHM London Launching This June

A couple of days ago, looking through Instagram, we came across an interesting new account for a men’s fashion brand called, MEHM London. Interestingly, the name of the brand stands for: Modern Essentials Honestly Made, and that they will be launching from showrooms in June 2016.

MEHM London - inspiration for the brand comes from a moral compass
MEHM London – inspiration for the brand comes from a moral compass

The symbol at the end of their logo is a moral compass; it’s there to remind them that everything they do should be honest and transparent, just like their name.

MAHM London Suede Shoes
MEHM London Suede Shoes

We spotted that the first collection will feature some leather shoes made by their master cobbler, and we really like how they have been sharing every step of the way of making their shoes and engaging with people from the get-go by introducing the brand through social media.

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As part of their outerwear, MEHM will be making their coats in England. Made from mid-weight cotton gabardine fabric (woven in Italy), this kind of special design will also feature details like an internal waterproof pocket, newspaper pocket and detachable neck guard to keep you as dry as possible should you get caught in the rain, which let’s face it, can happen at any time living in the UK.

MEHM Rain Coat
MEHM Rain Coat

There’s not much more about the brand as of now, but it really did catch our eye, so we will look out for updates and keep you posted – hopefully there will be a little sneak-peak of some other pieces from their collection very soon.