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Watch Your Snacks When Watching Sport

Football, rugby, cricket – the season is in full swing and so you will be spending a fair amount of time in front of the TV over the coming months. Right? What’s the better you’ll be snacking out too? We don’t pretend that this is healthy unless it’s fruit or veggie sticks, but nothing tastes better with a beer or two than a snack of the crisp variety.

But what to choose when it comes to flavour, crunch and snackability? There are a few new snacks on the market to grab your attention and we’ve put them under the microscope.


First off – Popchips are a healthier alternative to potato chips and don’t contain any of the nasty artificial flavours or colours of other brands. They have now added tortilla chips to their range with Ranch Tortilla chips that have half the fat of normal tortilla chips. They still manage to retain the flavour of tortillas and lots of crunch and we did love them. Not quite a healthy food but healthier than most and they do taste good.

kettle chips

Kettle Chips are a favourite – but of course being full-fat crisps of the old-school variety they come a bit laden down with fat – although they do have some wonderful flavours. Now they’ve introduced their 40% less fat crisps in their three most popular flavours – Sea Salt, Sea Salt and Vinegar and Salt and Black Pepper and don’t forget they are suitable for vegans too.

Because Walker have identified that all too often families and friends argue about the choice of snack they have introduced Mixups for nights in front of the telly.

Mixup Sweet & Salty Popcorn 110g 2D


Bringing together all your favourites into one large bag – well, three bags actually. Snack, Popcorn and Crisps. The Popcorn mix has Sweet & Salty  and Sweet & Spicy and is the healthiest of the three – relatively low in sugar and salt and they’ve been popped in rapeseed oil which is the healthiest oil on the market to fry with.