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MOBA Opens in London

We are always looking for the best places to go to for food in London and we have found a great little place that has just opened on Goodge Street called Moba. Moba is short for Modern Bakery and that is exactly what it is. They are using traditional French methods of cooking with the flavours and tastes of Asian cuisines. It’s an unusual, but we can say very successful after trying everything last night, fusion that has your mouth watering, I’m already hooked.

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They make fresh baguettes and viennoiseries with unique twists, as well as other pastries, Banh Mi and healthy Asian salads (we had to try the green tea croissants – which were amazing). Theodore Charoy and Thibaut Voury are the owners and met studying in Paris, they have now decided they wanted to fuse what they have learnt and loved about French baking with the flavours they also loved and picked up along the way.

Thibaut has previously been head chief at Atelier Nieuport in Paris and Theodore has worked all over the world from Bangkok and Phucket to managing the restaurant Opia in New York, so you can trust that the food is going to be good.

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Thibaut said ‘ London loves a sandwich, and while the lunchtime landscape hasn’t changed much in the past ten years, people here are really receptive to new concepts, particularly when any kind of fusion is involved’.

‘What we’ve created is a French boulangerie that celebrates our own home cooking, complimented by Asian flavours and ingredients. And it could only happen in London.’ Theodore said.

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