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Muller Rice Gets A Remix

Word to your Muller, or should that be #WordToYourMuller, rice pudding has now got a new spin with the new Muller Rice Remix Greek Inspired dessert pots and we really do love them!

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We were asked to test out this new rice pudding which has taken the traditional Greek rice pudding recipe Rizogalo and mixed it up a bit with the addition of some seriously tasty fruit corners and a hint of cinnamon. There are two simple ingredients other than that, rice (or rizi in Greek) and milk (gala in Greek) but they are delicious in rice pudding. These new corner pots are the perfect size for a snack or dessert and they are definitely the best when eaten straight from the fridge when they are nicely chilled.

Tommy Muller

Our tester Tommy is a big fan of rice pudding (he used to add jam as a kid so these are perfect) and he thinks the apple version is as good as apple pie due to the hint of cinnamon. The strawberry one’s are a bit sweeter but still just as scrumptious (his words). He also found them really filling and kept him going all afternoon.

Tommy Muller 2

Tasty B, the Muller Bear is the face of Muller and is back on our screens now and you can find him tweeting @MullerRice. He has spot prizes to give away to those who tweet him. All you need to do is send him a tweet with the #WordToYourMuller hashtag telling him why you need a Muller Rice Greek Inspired lift and you may win!

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