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Natural Products from Natura Siberica

By Katrina Deisler


Looking for a line of products that are natural and can help combat a myriad of issues like dandruff, wrinkles, and hair loss? The search stops here, with Natura Siberica’s line of men’s products. The line is formulated using plants and herbs native to Siberia, a region in northern Russia known for its harsh environment.

The line includes two different shampoos, a shower gel, a shampoo activator, eye cream, anti-wrinkle cream, and face cream. Each product is designed to cleanse, protect, and enhance what nature gave.

The Beluga Shampoo-Activator (£20)  is made from Siberian caviar extract, which is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids and other proteins and vitamins. These properties help stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair’s roots while moisturizing and nourishing hair.

The Wolf Power Super Toning Face Cream (£15) is formulated with Sakhalin Limonik, a Siberian plant that is known for being adaptogenic, meaning it is able to adapt to stress and harsh conditions. The plant extracts are refresh skin and increase elasticity. Organic northern mint will awaken your senses and reduce swelling and redness.

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