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Netflix Announce Three More Seasons Of The Chef’s Table

Feast your eyes as Netflix Original Documentary, Chef’s Table, returns for Season 2.

Niki Nakayama, Chef's Table
Niki Nakayama, Chef’s Table

Season one of the “Chef’s Table” served up a treat, taking us around the world into the kitchen of some of the best chef’s. Italy, USA, Argentina, Australia and Sweden, the documentary offered an array of different palates and cuisines and each episode presented something unique with it’s own fascinating story behind it.

the chefs table
Chef’s Table Season 2

Now, you can start making a reservation for Season 2 after Netflix announced they will be serving up three new courses of the Chef’s Table and personally, we cannot wait to see what’s cooking up this time around.

Chef's Table Season 2
Chef’s Table Season 2

What’s on the menu you ask?

  • Season 2 – will premiere on 27th May with six new episodes on the table, showcasing a variety of chefs from their diverse backgrounds, giving us a glimpse into the evolution of their craft of their chosen cuisine.
  • Season 3 - premiere date has not yet been announced, but what we do know is that the season will be dedicated to four of the world’s most renowned French chefs.
  • Season 4 – will be released in early 2017 but all other details are TBC.

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