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Netflix’s New Binge-Worthy Show: The Get Down

Have you planned out your weekend binge on Netflix yet? Well, here’s where we come in (you can’t say we don’t help you out) because there’s a new awesome series out, The Get Down.


Visionary filmmaker Baz Luhrmann is the man behind the series, and takes you back in time to the birth of the hip hop music culture in New York and tells the story of the untold moment in history.


Set in 1977, the music-driven drama series series chronicles the rise of hip-hop and the last days of disco – told through the lives, music, art and dance of the South Bronx kids who would then change the world of music forever.

The Get Down stars Jaden Smith, and Breaking Bad ‘s Giancarlo Esposito. Take a look at the premiere, where the cast and crew talk about the show:

The Get Down is on Netflix now.