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NEW COOKBOOK RELEASE: Rib Ticklers & Choux-Ins

Michelin-starred restaurant owner of, Purnell’s, returns with a second cookbook.

Following his first hit book, Cracking Yolks & Pig Tales, which shared behind-the-scenes stories about his Michelin-starred restaurant, Glynn Purnells returns with a second collection of tasty recipe, which have been inspired by more down-to-earth, ‘rustic with electric twist’ dishes served at his Bistro.

His second book, Rib Ticklers & Choux-Ins, shares 110 sensational recipes – from steak and bakes to cheesecakes.

‘Few have got this guy’s enthusiasm for food. A great collection of recipes from a top-class cook.’

James Martin

 Written by Glynn himself, the book embodies his cheeky wit, packed full with tempting recipes; it really is the perfect choice for anyone who’s looking to get a little freaky and creative in the kitchen. From his ‘hardcore’ cherry clafoutis – the recipe he perfected through reading women’s magazines at the dentist – to his strong feelings towards sprouts, and his most groan-worthy jokes made the final cut (‘Is it Peking duck or just around the corner? No, no, no what a poor joke. I’m so sorry’).

‘Glynn is one of the trailblazers of new British cooking. Brilliant, creative and very funny too.

– Heston Blumenthal

From breakfast through to dessert, the book features recipes for ‘exploding’ Egg Yolk and Salmon Tartlets and Crispy Scallop and Prawn Balls with Sticky Aromatic Sauce, to ‘This little piggy went to market’, and ‘Bits + Stuff + Cheeky Tricks’.

Full of as much character as there are recipes and insider foodie-tips, Rib ticklers & Choux-ins will have you chopping and chuckling all the way from here to Birmingham!

Glynn Purnell will be demonstrating, taking part in live interviews and signing copies of his new book on Sunday 27th November at the BBC Good Food Show.

Rib Ticklers & Choux-Ins will be available from 15th Sept 2016, priced £19.99