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New T2 Autumn Tea Collection

We’re big fans of Australian loose tea brand T2. We love their vast range of teas – anything you can imagine, they’ll have, even flavours you’d never have thought would work.

So, when we heard about T2’s latest collaboration with Chelsea Flower Show winners, the Rich Brothers, we had to tell you all about it! They’ve teamed up to bring you the forest into their Chelsea store with a flower installation, which will be on display throughout this month if you fancy popping down for a visit.

The Rich Brothers, winners of The Chelsea Flower Show

We had a look for ourselves last week and we loved all of the shrubbery, trees, herbs and vegetables – it looked like the season changed before our eyes as we started off at the front of the store with greenery, which turns as you walk in further and find yourself among more autumn hues of oranges, browns and copper.

To match the decor designed by the arty duo, the tea makers have created a new range of Veggie Patch teas, welcoming Autumn and bringing the outside, in – we’re picturing sitting in on a cold Sunday with a warming cup of tea, feeling warm and relaxed.

T2 Veggie Patch collection
T2 Veggie Patch collection

We had a little taste of all four flavours: Carrot, ginger & turmeric, Rooibos, beetroot & broccoli, Apple, kale & ginger and finally, Green tea & spinach – but our fave had to be the Carrot, ginger & turmeric because it had such a lovely aroma combined with the warming sensation it left after drinking it, making it the perfect autumn tea in our opinion…Ahhh!

T2 Tea Cocktail
T2 Tea Cocktail


T2 vegetable teas are available in stores and online from 11th September until mid October.