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New Trailer: Narcos Season 3

By Alex Edwards

Pablo Escobar is dead, but the cartels are long from becoming extinct. Or at least in Narcos that is.

The Netflix original series will be back for a third season this autumn after a cliffhanger ending during the S2 finale. The last episode (Spoiler alert!) featured a bloody end to Pablo Escobar, but that doesn’t stop any of the Colombia drug lords — it just helps them rise to the top. S3 picks up with the DEA turning their attention to the corruptly powerful Cali Cartel, one of the biggest organizations most of us have never even heard of.

The Cali Cartel is the new focus in S3 of Narcos.
The Cali Cartel is the new focus in S3 of Narcos.

The Cali Cartel is one of the richest drug cartels in the world, and is led by four powerful godfathers.They prefer to bribe the government and stay out of the spotlight, rather than show off their wealth and violence like we’ve seen during previous seasons of Narcos. It’s an entirely new kind of game for beloved DEA agent Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) as he teams up with American and Colombian law enforcement.

Season 3 brings an entirely new drug game.
Season 3 is an entirely new drug game.

The newest stars of S3 are mostly the Kings behind the Cali Cartel: leader Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela (Damian Alcazar), leader Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela (Francisco Denis), hit-man Pacho Herrera (Alberto Ammann) and leader Chepe Santacruz Londono (Pepe Rapazote). The rules have changed for the narcos and those after them this season, and we can’t wait to see how that causes things to unravel.

Watch the trailer below…

Season 3 of Narcos will premiere globally on Netflix on 1 September.