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Out Now: Neruda

 Set in Chile just after WWII, Neruda follows the story of Chilean poet and politician, Pablo Neruda.

Neruda Movie Poster
Neruda Movie Poster

For those of you not familiar with Pablo Neruda – he was a popular poet and a Communist Senator, who opposed the administration of President Gabriel González Videla during a time which he was enforcing his brutal anti-communist repression in a speech in the National Congress in 1948.

Neruda movie still

Threatened with arrest, Neruda goes underground. Refusing to live the life of a fugitive, he taunts the government authorities by appearing in public venues or leaving evidence of his movements for his pursuer: the Chief of the Investigations Police of Chile Oscar Peluchonneau.


Eventually he takes an escape route via Argentina, having to pass through the Andes mountains.

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Neruda out in UK cinemas 7th April 2017.