New Trailer: Last Chance U | The Perfect Man

Out Soon: Last Chance U Season 2

By Alex Edwards

With harder tackles and tougher obstacles, a new set of characters is set to star in the new season of the Netflix show, Last Chance U. The award-winning documentary series was inspired by an article in GQ magazine, and has since taken off with a second season.

Last Chance U focuses on superstar athletes that fell on hard times based on their various life circumstances. In the trailer, the boys interviewed talk about everything from failing drug tests to armed theft. Led by Coach Buddy Stephens and Academic Advisor Brittany Wagner, the young men apart of East Mississippi Community College must find redemption within their football team. If they succeed, they could eventually live out their dreams of becoming elite players in the NFL, but there’s a lot to overcome.

The second season of the series will launch on Netflix on the 21st July. For now, you can binge on season 1 and watch the new trailer below.