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Paul Smith Receives Légion d’Honneur

Paul Smith, has been presented with an Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur medal; translated as the National Order of the Legion of Honour, it is the highest decoration you can receive in France.

A guest and friend at my Légion d’honneur ceremony this evening #takenbyPaul

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Established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte, the order is divided into five degrees of distinction:

- Chevalier (Knight)
- Officier (Officer)
Commandeur (Commander)
Grand Officier (Grand Officer)
Grand Croix (Grand Cross)

We’ve done a little digging, and although Paul Smith doesn’t mention the distinction of his honor, judging by the picture of a medal he posted on Instagram, the designer has been made an officer…

My medal #takenbyPaul

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To receive this you would need to have served a minimum 20 years of public service or 25 years of professional activity with “eminent merits” – at which point he would have been knighted – and then a minimum of 8 years in the rank of Chevalier.