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Percy Nobleman & The Quest For The Perfect Beard

Beard taming, it’s a thing. We know there are more products you need to add to your bathroom shelves and here’s a brand we like with some great products you can use for your facial hair and the hair on your Barnet, as the great Danny Dyer would say.

Percy Nobleman, the gents grooming range is here to sort you out with their impressive range of hard-working products. They were created to fill a gap in the men’s hair and beauty market to give us the finest hair, beards and moustaches around.

We have been putting Percy Nobleman products to the test and here are our firm favourites:

Our Percy Nobleman Essentials
Our Percy Nobleman Essentials

Beard Conditioning Oil: Their signature blend is the one-off combination of argan, avocado, jojoba and almond oils to soften and groom hair. Smells great and stays on, keeping beard tame all day. (£19.99)

Gentleman’s Styling Wax: We know beards are supposed to just look like they grew that way, but a good one takes TLC, we won’t tell anyone you are spending hours in front of the mirror styling it, but we do know you do. Without leaving a waxy feel, it holds your beard in place, while nourishing it too. It comes lightly scented with bergamot orange. (£11.99)

Beard Comb: Why wood? Well, this one a special kind of wood, carved from tropical Thai pud wood and leaves your beard static-free and keeps beard maintenance a breeze. A must- have for longer beards. (£11.99)

Beard and Moustache Scissors: Everyone needs a good pair of scissors to tame those random crazy hairs and keep your beard shape tip top. Small, easy to keep and brilliantly precise. (£10.99)

What Percy says…


We spoke to the clever guys behind the brand, to find out about their journey, their brilliant comic character and to let us in on their best grooming secret….

Tell us a little bit of history behind the brand, how it began, how long you’ve been around for?

Percy Nobleman was born three years ago. After scouring the market for something to treat our scratchy face-fuzz with and coming up empty handed, we spoke to many bearded brother. We discovered that despite a plethora of hair and beauty products available (mainly aimed at the female market) at that grim time in the UK there was nothing readily available for the modern day bearded gent. We decided that something needed to be done about this, so after doing some research and sourcing the best natural ingredients from around the world, Percy Nobleman was created!

We love the comic – how was the character Percy Nobleman created?

We wanted to create a character that was synonymous with the modern day gentleman, somebody customers could relate to and aspire to be like and, also, as massive comic book fans, we just really wanted to create our own character. It started as a way to communicate product instructions and just grew from there. We wanted to make the customers actually read how to use the product as well as represent how unique and exciting the brand is itself and the customers responded so positively that we took it a step further and developed a full blown story. We’ve had a lot of fun creating Percy’s adventures and it’s a definite tick off one of my personal life goals!

What makes you a little different from other men’s grooming brands?

Rather than basing new lines around existing products in the marketplace and copying the trends, we like to create products that don’t already exist. Percy Nobleman is about finding a solution to the everyday issues that come with the modernisation of the C21st gentleman. It’s notably apparent that now, more than ever, men are as conscious of their appearance as women, yet the dearth in cosmetics products readily available to men (especially to bearded men), means they are often left scratching their heads… or beards. This is where Percy steps in.

What’s your best grooming secret or trick that you can share with us?

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Beards are like fingerprints… no two are exactly alike and what works for one person may not necessarily work for the next. When trying new products always begin by using a small amount and work your way from there, you can always add more as confidence (and your beard) grows.

Shop Percy Nobleman now. Trust us, their stuff does the job!