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Peter Sellers: Behind The Camera

Peter Sellers, was a British film actor, comedian, singer and photographer best known for his role as Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther films, in addition to performing in the BBC Radio comedy series The Goon Show and featuring on numerous hit comedy songs.


In honor of what would have been Peter’s 90th birthday on 8th September, his daughter, Sarah, and his granddaughter, Emily, have organised an incredible photography exhibition. Held at exclusive Knightsbridge-based pop-up space 19 Bauchamp Place, the event will run from Monday 26th October until Sunday 1st November. The exhibition itself will be comprised of 50 rare images, either taken by the artist himself (behind the camera), or some special capsule shots from his photography career.

Following in her grandfathers footsteps, Emily Sellers began her career as an intern on the picture desk at British Vogue. It wasn’t until later on in her career, whilst working at the Condé Nast library, she discovered some on her grandfathers work. Emily shares that she has never actually met her grandfather and “gathering together his work has been quite moving at times. Looking at his negatives and putting myself in his place at the time of taking them has been a bit like retracing his steps.” Her mother Sarah says, “I wanted to find a way to celebrate my father’s life, his family and his love of photography. Peter Sellers: Behind the Camera, organised in support of The British Heart Foundation, is the result. We really hope that the public enjoy it. We think it is something he would have been proud of.”

Peter Sellers: Behind the Camera will feature photographs from famous figures such as Prince Charles, The Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, Nanette Newman, Tessa Dahl, Charles Aznavour and many others. You can find photographs of Ringo Star on the set of The Magic Christian, whilst Liza Minnelli and Sophia Loren appear in two Vogue photographs.


Many of the framed images will be available to purchase. Alternatively guests can get their hands on limited edition fully illustrated catalogues, featuring additional photographs not in the exhibition. Tragically, Peter’s passing was the cause of a heart attack and the Stellers family have decided to donate proceeds to the British Heart Foundation.

The exhibition will also be available at the Tower Gallery in Eastbourne from 11th February to 6th March 2016.